Beautiful photo stories for the moments you will cherish forever

Let photos be your own time machine.       

Each wedding is different. Each story is unique.

What good are the pictures that don’t have a backstory for you to feel joyed?

We capture real moments with raw emotions via pictures that take you back in time everytime you look at them. Reflecting how beautiful or how handsome you looked on your wedding day is not the only idea. We want to help you document your wedding in beautiful photo stories, where each image tells a story.

Ready to make some memories?

Hi! I’m Shivani…

After 7 years of my corporate job as a writer, with 2018, I’m now embarking on my dream journey – pursuing photography as my full-time career. All my work life I’ve been telling stories and I’m proud that I continue to do so – this time through photos!


With your photo stories, I want you to be able to look back and relive the moments when you were insanely in love, or when your best friend sneaked in a bottle of whisky to help you release some tension, or when your father secretly admired your happiness while you were grooving with your partner on dance floor. Weddings are so full of stories and so am I!

Stories so far

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As I am the only photographer working in the studio, I have to evaluate all my ordeals beforehand.

I will appreciate as many details about your particular wedding venue, dates, theme and other aspects, as you’d be willing to share. As soon as I review the booking information, I will be giving you my feedback immediately!