Let me guess what brings you here…

1) You’re in love.

2) You’re getting married.

3) You’re looking for a storyteller.  

You nailed it! You are just in right place! It’s all about ‘You Two’. Capturing candid moments is a ‘never-failing’ way to spread smiles. It always works! We believe that the magic in beautiful photos is not created because of a ‘fancy camera’, or ‘A Great photographer’, or ‘beautiful locations and dresses’ but the magic is created because of ‘You’, ‘your love’,  and ‘your happiness’ that reflect in the pictures.

How does it work? : We make sure we coordinate and gel well with you, your immediate family members, and close friends. Knowing people before shooting them is the first step towards capturing great moments. We make sure people around us are comfortable enough while we’re shooting. We look for beautiful compositions and the magical in-between moments that make your personalities shine through and make your love story unique.

Why we? : Some call them photos, we call them stories! If you have a story, we have a camera! Your love story is the most special element in your wedding! Taking candid pictures is more than an artwork for us, it’s ‘Storytelling’. We believe in documenting wedding photography with an editorial approach. We feel more than happy when couples share their beautiful romantic tales before a couple shoot, or their wedding event. It helps us reflect their stories through the images.

Every wedding we document is a different love tale and we’d be excited to be a part of yours!

Still have questions? Let’s connect!